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Raw, iconic, timeless and genera defying — UBER 8 is a drum focused sample pack using the iconic original TR-808 as its source — created using tape and an extensive collection of analog effects, pedals and vintage synthesizers. It features 21 Ableton ready kits which include a variety of colors of full 808 kits, and a bunch of kicks, snares, claps, high hats, claves, cymbals, toms, and percussive fx.  It also features 62 unique loops set to a range from 57 to 152 BPM.

Key Highlights:

  • 21 complete 808 kits which include  2 clean kits, 9 analog overdrive flavored kits, 3 tape kits, 4 vintage reverb & delay kits, 2 modular delay combination kits, 1 FX kit, 1 combination kit
  • 9 Kits featuring 16 varieties of kicks, snares, claps, high hats, congas, and toms
  • 62 Loops run through tape, analog effects, hardware compressors ,tape echoes, pedals, vintage synthesizers, and modular effects
  • Kits are accessible using a simple and highly customizable Ableton instrument rack or as individual WAVs
  • The Ableton instruments consist of one combination kit and twenty individual kits.  The combination kit lets you switch between samples from any of the kits using the “color” macro
  • Eight macros which include basic functions that you’ll likely want to tweak such as tune, decay & release, low pass filter, reverb dry/wet, reverb decay, pitch envelop amount, and volume. 
  • Eight hidden macros include more detailed functions including fine tune, pitch modulation amount and rate, random panning, looping and loop length, and sample start
  • The macros function for each individual drum sample in the drum rack, giving you a detailed level of control over your kit
  • Loops include a range of kicks, snares, high hats, full loops and top loops run through tape, analog effects, and overdriven through analog filters and hardware compressors
  • All samples recorded at 24 bit 44.1 kHz via Apogee Symphony I/O and various preamps, edited, time corrected, and minimally eq’d for detail and low end balance

IMPORTANT: The Ableton Live instruments require Live 11 or higher.

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Uber 8 Sample Pack - FREE

23 ratings
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