Modular Percussion & Drums Vol.1 - FREE

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Modular Percussion & Drums Vol.1 is a percussion pack created using a restrained selection of modular gear — oscillators, overdrive/saturation effects, reverbs, and delays. The result is a variety of useable and unique percussion sounds highlighting the serendipity that the modular process offers. This include classic FM percussion, analog kicks, pitched toms, snares, high hats, noise hits, glitchy reverb percussion, noise sweeps, and “micro” percussive fx.

This pack is great for creating nuanced analog electronic percussion, useful for homegrown techno and experimental electronic genera’s.

Key Features:

  • 32 Analog modular Kicks
  • 9 Kits (16 samples each) of modular percussion including FM percussion, reverb percussion, noise hits, and glitchy percussion
  • 3 Pitched Tom Kits (16 samples each) using the Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesizer, Make Noise LXD, and Make Noise Optomix
  • 4 High Hat Kits (16 samples each) using FM and noise sources
  • 3 Noise Sweeps Kits (16 samples each) using the Moog Model 15 and an authentic Binson Echorec! Simple, but always useful risers!
  • 2 Mixed Kits using a variety of percussive moments — ready to play and tweak!
  • The Ableton instruments feature 8 macros which include basic functions that you’ll likely want to tweak such as tune, decay & release, low pass filter, delay dry/wet, pitch envelop amount, and volume
  • The macros function for each individual drum sample in the drum rack, giving you a detailed level of control and sonic range with your kit

*Ableton instruments require Live 11 or Higher

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24 Unique kits (16 samples in each kit) - 9 Modular Percussion Kits - 3 Pitched Tom Kits - 4 Hi Hat Kits - 3 Noise Sweep Kits - 2 Mixed Kits - 1 Snares Kit

93.9 MB
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Modular Percussion & Drums Vol.1 - FREE

13 ratings
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