Piano Gestures

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Piano Gestures is a unique pack featuring a comprehensive collection of gesture loops, (described below) harmonics, colored piano instruments, chord hits, percussion, and sound effects, all sampled directly from a Grotrian acoustic upright piano.

This pack is NOT a typical sampled piano instrument. Rather, the focus was on discovering the hidden sonic possibilities that are revealed from patiently exploring the sound of this instrument.

Key Highlights:

  • Gesture loops — Loops created by preparing the piano with objects, and rapidly striking the key to create tremolo like pitched sounds. When sampled and mapped across a keyboard, the loops make expressive and stunning instruments, reminiscent of shimmery pizzicato strings.
  • Harmonics — Notes generated by strategically dampening each of the piano strings, and recording them note by note, both with and without sustains.
  • Felt piano instruments — Piano instruments using felt to dampen the strings, and then further recorded to tape and pitched down using the Tascam Porta 414 four track recorder.
  • Chord hits — Chord one shots that revolve around three different chord progressions, recorded direct and also to tape and pitched down using the Tascam Porta 414 four track recorder.
  • Frozen piano instruments — Infinite reverb piano pad instruments. Every piano note from C1 to C6 was recorded and individually run through three different OTO BAM reverb’s for a minute each. The resulting instruments have an ethereal and evolving pad quality and feature quite a diverse range of tones spread through out the keyboard range.
  • Percussive hits and sound effects — Percussive instruments built from striking the surfaces, pedals, and strings in key areas making for interesting ambient percussion sounds.

This pack is especially great for scoring and ambient genera’s, adding unique and subtle atmospheric sound design instruments to your projects.

The instruments were designed in Ableton Live, so while it is optimal to experience the depth and sonic range of these instruments in Live, the WAVs are neatly categorized and labeled and can easily be used in any DAW / sampler to create a multi-sampled instrument. The samples can be incredibly expressive using a simple combination of filters, reverbs, and amplitude modulation which are accessible in most any sampler. Mapping these to a mod wheel or LFO can make for some beautifully subtle and evolving sounds.


  • Size: 6.34 GB
  • 865 Samples Total at 24 bit 44.1 kHz
  • 21 multi-sampled Instruments
  • 37 Loops


Grotrian upright piano, DPA 4099 mics, Tascam Porta Studio 414, OTO BAM.

IMPORTANT: The Ableton Live instruments require Live 11 or higher.

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21 multi-sampled Instruments | 37 Gesture Loops | 865 Samples Total at 24 bit 44.1 kHz

5.18 GB
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Piano Gestures

2 ratings
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